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Sakakura Associates Hong Kong Limited 坂倉建築研究所(香港)有限公司を設立


Sakakura Associates is an architectural design office
that celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2020.
It was founded by Junzo Sakakura,
who studied in the Paris atelier of Le Corbusier,
one of the great masters of modern architecture.

After returning to Japan, Sakakura designed the Japanese Pavilion
at the 1937 Paris Exposition of Art and Technology,
which received the architectural Grand Prix,
gaining him worldwide recognition as one of Japan’s leading architects.

In 1940, Sakakura established his own office
and went on to design many masterpieces of modern architecture,
ranging in scale from houses to public architecture such as
The Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura and major urban development projects in Tokyo.

After the passing of Junzo Sakakura in 1969,
his followers reestablished the office as Sakakura Associates.
The office has been led by architects such as Fumitaka Nishizawa and Seizo Sakata,
whose work has been recognized by prizes
from the Japan Art Academy and the Architectural Institute of Japan.
It is also known as the office where many of Japan’s most prominent independent architects
began their careers, earning it a reputation as “the Sakakura School”.

While continuing to explore the rational modernism embodied in the work of Junzo Sakakura,
the architectural designs of Sakakura Associates are grounded in regard for the human,
in projects ranging from houses to large-scale urban development.


*March 1, 1940
Establishment of Junzo Sakakura architectsand engineers.

*September 1, 1948
Establishment of Osaka Branch Office of Junzo Sakakura architects and engineers.
(currently Osaka Branch Office of Sakakura Associates)

*August 7, 1967
Establishment of Sakakura Architectural Office as unlimited partnership.

*November 20, 1969
After passing of Junzo Sakakura, establishment of Sakakura Associates architects and engineers.

*May 22, 2012
Establishment of Sakakura Associates Hong Kong Limited.