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Private house

Yaoi Residence


March 6th, 1979


竣工年: 1979年
所在地: 大阪府 池田市
用途: 個人住宅/診療所
建築面積: 226㎡
延床面積: 349㎡
階: 地上2階
構造: RC造

新建築社写真部:1,3 / 不詳 :2

Responding to conditions around the site, a courtyard house plan was adopted for a clinic and two-generation family residence.
The two-story reinforced concrete structure incorporates the horizontal courtyard house plan of the one-story wooden house that formerly stood on the site, and develops it in the vertical direction in the interior and exterior.

year: 1979
location: Osaka, Japan
building type: Private Residence/Clinic
BA: 226 sqm
GFA: 349 sqm
floor: 2F
structure: RC

Shinkenchiku-sha Photo Department:1,3 / Unknown :2