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Higashiyamato Civic Center
Humming Hall

東大和市民会館 ハミングホール

February 28th, 1999


 A 714-seat music hall and a 300-seat multi-purpose hall are housed on a site that also includes public housing.
During the bubble economy period, many facilities were built for the purpose of “listening” to performance by famous musicians.
This facility was designed for citizens to “use”.

photograph: Nagaishi Photo Office 永石写真事務所
竣工年: 1999年
所在地: 東京都 東大和市
用途: ホール
建築面積: 3,871㎡
延床面積: 9,447㎡
階: 地上3階、地下1階
構造: RC造+S造

year: 1999
location: Tokyo, Japan
building type: Hall
BA: 3,871㎡
GFA: 9,447㎡
floor: 3F/B1F